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Recipe-Electric Skillet RV Meal-RV Sloppy Joes

So here is what I did for the recipe.


1-2 pound(s) ground hamburger (can substitute with ground turkey, pork or a mixture of your liking.)

1 jar/can spaghetti sauce (any flavor you like, I used garlic and onion.)

Seasonings of choice (What ever seasonings you like that are pleasant to the palate.)

1 can black re-fried beans (You can use what ever re-fried beans are available or that  you like. this is just what I had at the moment.)


1. Using electric skillet or stove skillet, brown hamburger.

2. Add seasonings of choice while browning the hamburger.

3. Drain grease into safe grease container, away from stove and/or open flame.

4. Add re-fried beans and mix together with the browned hamburger.

5. Stir in spaghetti sauce.

6. Heat to desired temperature for serving.


Bread - Place a spoonful or 2 of the mix on the bottom of bowl. Place bread on top of first layer. The place generous amount of mix on top of bread. You can do this in multiple layers if you would like.

Pasta - This is a matter of choice. You can mix in boiled noodles with the mix. Or you can place desired amount of boiled noodles on your plate or bowl and then put mix on top.

 Tortilla Chips - Your choice of flavored or plain chips. You can use the mix as a dip. Or if you are like me, you could just mix it all together in a bowl.


You can top it off with what ever toppings you like. Sour cream, chives, olives, parmesan, shredded cheese, salsa. You imagination and you palate or your only limitations.

 This is an easy, one pan meal. You can adjust the amount of ingredients for the desired amount of final mix. Takes about 20 minutes to make. And is sure to be a favorite all around. Perfect for the RV or the Sticks&Bricks people alike.



Electric Skillet or Range Top Skillet

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